Joo Chiat Popiah

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Sets

Our Peranakan-inspired DIY sets provide all the necessary ingredients for a fun and healthy bonding activity, whether in a home or corporate setting. A DIY Popiah Set promises about 15 to 20 popiah rolls. It also promises a unique and tasty experience for everyone.

Popiah Live!

Everyone knows that a good popiah is best served fresh. Imagine if one of our guys is at your event wrapping and even making the popiah skin itself? A popiah doesn’t get any fresher than this!

To get one of us on your side, please email You can also hop over to our events page for a quick peek at some of KGH’s most successful events thus far.

Online Ordering Notes

A 5% online payment fee will be tagged on all items sold on this site.

Thank you for your understanding.

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